2024 Collection Of 18 Lovely Disney Nails If You Want To Feel Like A Child Again

2024 Collection Of 18 Lovely Disney Nails If You Want To Feel Like A Child Again

Disney movies are one of those things that appeal to people of all ages, captivating both children and adults. And, to be honest, we’re speaking from personal experience. While we love sipping coffee from Ariel mugs and wearing dalmatian-print leggings, we occasionally crave something that lasts longer than a couple of hours.

Consider Disney nail art. While it’s not as sleek as most of the nail ideas we collect and crave, it simply cannot be beat when it comes to indulging in childhood nostalgia. (It’s worth noting, however, that you’ll almost always need to visit a salon to get designs like these.)

While we cannot take you on a magic carpet, we can definitely show you the magical world of Disney nail art. Continue reading for X Disney manicures discovered on the Internet.

Subtle Disney Nails

This is one of the rare designs that are minimal and subtle. Three white dots forming Mickey Mouse heads on the nude base coat are enough to give away the clue. The artist is definitely inspired by Disney.Subtle Disney Nails

Cute Disney Nails

Since the emergence of Queen Elsa, Olaf has become the most beloved character for both adults and their kids. In this collection, you will see depictions of this friendly snowman in various nail concepts.Cute Disney Nails

Christmas Disney Nails

Let’s celebrate a festive Christmas with our snow friend!Christmas Disney Nails

Disney Nails Short

These short ombre Disney animal nails are brilliant. Maybe we should pay attention to other side characters that have made their appearance in many famous movies.Disney Nails Short

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Pink Disney Nails

Rocking a pink and gold Disney nail set to Disneyland is a great idea!Pink Disney Nails

Disney Nails Acrylic Coffin

Do you remember Mufasa and his friends? If the tiger family is your favorite childhood memory, have them painted on your nails ASAP!Disney Nails Acrylic Coffin

Black Disney Nails

The black and white glitter combination creates a childlike yet sleek design.Black Disney Nails

Red Disney Nails

This Minnie Mouse nail idea is simple enough for you to DIY. You may need a dot tool for this. Nevertheless, if Minnie’s head is too hard to achieve, you can purchase nail stickers online and stick them on.Red Disney Nails

White Disney Nails

Another cute Olaf design, but with a white theme. The fact that ladies love this character so much proves that he could replace the classic Santa design on many people’s nails this year.White Disney Nails

Blue Disney Nails

This extravagant little Mickey nail art is so adorable. If you do not mind sporting long, cumbersome nails, this set is for you!Blue Disney Nails

Pastel Disney Nails

Another design is shot at Disneyland. I love the black and pink color combination here. It is versatile and can complement any outfit.Pastel Disney Nails

Disney Nails Short Simple

This artist used the same color as the previous idea. However, she replaced light pink with hot pink and opted for a much more subtle design. Adding a touch of glitter, she has created a whole different Disney vibe on nails.Disney Nails Short Simple

Stitch Disney Nails

Of course, we cannot miss out on Stitch and his sassy girlfriend. They are funky and lively in this design.Stitch Disney Nails

French Tip Disney Nails

Another minimal Disney French tip for you to try. This is something that you can even achieve on your own without spending a fortune and endless hours at the salon.French Tip Disney Nails

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Rose Gold Disney Nails

If you do not want to stop the pattern at just the tips of your nails, change to this sparkle creation instead!Rose Gold Disney Nails

Disney Nails Minnie Mouse

After Christmas and New Year, Valentine’s Day. Why not save this design and have it recreated next year?Disney Nails Minnie Mouse

Ombre Disney Nails

I love this eye-popping gradient manicure. If you do not mind becoming the center of attention, ask your manicurist for this design immediately!Ombre Disney Nails

Disney Nails Princess

Princesses are vital characters that created the Disney world that we all know today. They not only set the first few foundations of the channel but were also ones that carried Disney a long way to success. Obviously, during that ambitious journey, they have become a part of our childhood. Hence, it is clear that they will be popular choices for many ladies.Disney Nails Princess

I hope you enjoy our little collection. If there is any design that you feel attached to, have it recreated on your nails!