80 Photos: Cornrow Rasta Hairstyles – African Braided Hairstyles

80 Photos: Cornrow Rasta Hairstyles – African Braided Hairstyles

Cornrow Rasta hairstyles, often referred to as Rasta braids or simply cornrows, have been a significant part of African culture and fashion for centuries. Not only do these hairstyles have deep cultural and historical roots, but they are also a testament to the versatility and resilience of African hair. Let’s delve into some popular Cornrow Rasta hairstyles that highlight African braided beauty:

1. Traditional Rasta Braids:

Inspired by the Rastafarian culture, these are long, thick braids that can be enhanced with extensions for added length. Often associated with the reggae movement and Bob Marley, they carry a deep cultural significance.

2. Zig-Zag Cornrows:

These cornrows are plaited in intricate zig-zag patterns from the hairline to the nape, representing creativity and uniqueness.

3. Ghana Braids:

This is a thicker version of cornrows that often starts small from the front hairline and gradually becomes bigger as it moves to the back.

4. Side Cornrow Rasta:

These cornrows are braided to one side of the head, giving an asymmetrical look. The style can be enhanced with beads or metallic cuffs.

5. Half Cornrow, Half Rasta Braids:

Combining the sleekness of cornrows on one side and the volume of Rasta braids on the other, this hairstyle is for those who love a mix of textures.

6. Cornrow Rasta with High Bun:

Cornrows lead up to a high bun made of thicker Rasta braids. This style is elegant and perfect for formal events.

7. Undercut Cornrow Rasta:

Combine the boldness of an undercut with the intricacy of cornrows and Rasta braids on the top. It’s a style that exudes confidence.

8. Multi-colored Rasta Braids:

Infuse your braids with colors like red, gold, and green (often associated with Rastafarianism) or any other shade that suits your personality.

9. Crowned Cornrow Rasta:

Cornrows that form a crown or halo at the center of the head, with the rest flowing down in thick Rasta braids.

10. Accessorized Rasta Braids:

Adorn your Rasta braids with shells, wooden beads, metallic rings, or threads. Accessories can give a traditional touch or a modern twist, depending on your choice.


Cornrow Rasta hairstyles are more than just a fashion statement; they are a reflection of identity, heritage, and cultural pride. These styles are versatile, beautiful, and deeply rooted in African history. Whether you choose to wear them for their beauty or their significance, they are a testament to the rich tapestry of African culture. Always ensure they are done carefully to maintain hair health and always embrace them with pride and love.