Stunning Cornrow Hairstyles you Need To Try Right Now

Stunning Cornrow Hairstyles you Need To Try Right Now

Cornrow hairstyles have long been celebrated for their intricate beauty and cultural significance. These versatile braids not only protect natural hair but also offer a canvas for artistic expression. If you’re looking to refresh your look with something both traditional and trendy, here are some stunning cornrow hairstyles that are a must-try.

1. Classic Straight Back Cornrows

A timeless choice, straight back cornrows are sleek, neat, and perfect for any occasion. They can be as simple or as complex as you like, with variations in braid thickness and parts.

2. Cornrow Braided Bun

Elevate your cornrows into an elegant updo with a braided bun. This style is ideal for formal events and adds a touch of sophistication to your look.

3. Side-Swept Cornrows

For a modern twist, try side-swept cornrows. This style angles the braids to one side of the head, creating a chic and edgy look.

4. Cornrows with Beads

Adding beads to the ends of your cornrows can give your hairstyle an extra flair. This not only adds a decorative touch but also celebrates African heritage.

5. Cornrow Ponytail

A cornrow ponytail is both stylish and practical. The braids can be gathered into a high or low ponytail, offering a sleek and comfortable style.

6. Zig-Zag Cornrows

Add a fun twist to your hairstyle with zig-zag cornrows. This playful pattern is sure to turn heads and can be as subtle or bold as you like.

7. Half Cornrows Half Afro

Mix it up with half cornrows and half afro. This style allows you to enjoy the neatness of cornrows while flaunting the natural beauty of your afro.

8. Cornrow Updo with a Twist

Combine cornrows with twisted or braided sections for an intricate updo. This style is perfect for special occasions and showcases the versatility of cornrow styles.

9. Cornrows with Colorful Extensions

Incorporating colored extensions into your cornrows can add a unique and vibrant touch to your hairstyle. Choose colors that complement your personal style.

10. Goddess Cornrows

Goddess cornrows are larger, more pronounced braids often adorned with accessories. They’re perfect for those looking to make a bold statement.

11. Cornrows with Undercut

For a daring and modern look, combine cornrows with an undercut. This style offers a striking contrast and adds an edge to your overall appearance.

12. Cornrows into Box Braids

Transition your cornrows into box braids for a two-in-one style. This look offers texture and dimension, making it a popular choice.

13. Intricate Cornrow Designs

Let your hairstylist get creative with intricate cornrow designs. From geometric patterns to floral motifs, the possibilities are endless.

14. Cornrow Faux Hawk

Embrace a bold look with a cornrow faux hawk. This style mimics the edgy mohawk by braiding the sides and leaving the center with more volume.

15. Cornrows with Loose Ends

For a softer look, opt for cornrows with loose ends. This style blends the neatness of cornrows at the scalp with the freedom of unbraided hair at the ends.


Cornrow hairstyles offer a beautiful blend of tradition, creativity, and style. Whether you’re looking for something simple and elegant or intricate and bold, there’s a cornrow style out there for you. Embrace these stunning options and find the perfect look to express your individuality and cultural pride.