17 Nail Ideas To See You Fresh But Not Boring

17 Nail Ideas To See You Fresh But Not Boring

Nails say a lot about us and if you are one of those who does not want to attract much attention but always wants to look good, then a simple and elegant design will be your best option.

Save these photos on your cell phone so that when you get to the beauty salon you don’t spend half an hour thinking about the design you want. They are divine!

1. Short with watercolor effect

2. An “expensive” touch with gold

3. Glitter here, glitter there

4. Simple but pretty

5. Very original

6. Artwork style

7. With tips of different animal print

8. Purple never fails

9. A bit of black to highlight

10. Elegant and without so much decoration

11. Who said you needed color?

12. Beautiful in red

13. Perfect to combine with everything

14. Cheesy and cute

15. Nude tones with straight lines

16. Refined to highlight simple outfits

17. Tortoiseshell Style