40 Pastel Nails For A Chic & Dainty Manicure

40 Pastel Nails For A Chic & Dainty Manicure

Looking for the top pastel nails and pastel nail designs right now? Read on to browse 40+ gorgeous inspo photos!

Blooming flowers and warming weather: spring is the perfect time to match the subtle pops of color that consume nature at this time of the year. Of course, spring is all about the pastels, from pastel outfits and food to even pastel nails.

If you’re looking for inspirational ways to wear the season on your nails, look no further. We have collected all the trendy designs that you will need in your search for really gorgeous pastel nails.

When Should I Wear Pastel Nails?

Pastel nails look good with light-colored dresses, black-and-white ensembles, and all-white fits. Consider pastel nails when attending a wedding, going to baptismal celebrations, and going to baby shower parties.

Of course, pastel nails work well during the spring, but they’re really pretty any time of year depending on the shade!

Trending Pastel Nail Ideas:



Top Pastel Nails Designs:

Here are some of the top trending designs for pastel nails this year.

1. Pastel Candy (Multicolored Pastel Nails)

Pastel is a really safe color scheme to mix and match with other shades in the spectrum because it isn’t too flashy or bold. It also gives other colors in your nail polish collection a chance to see the day. This manicure would look good on both maximalist and minimalist styles.

2. Pastel Nails With Flower Charms

Flowers are no-brainer accessories that can easily look good on any pastel-colored nail. Pastel nails with flower charms draw the beauty and magic of spring on your nails – which is highly likely the goal. I would wear this manicure with an accompanying floral dress.

3. Pastel French Tips

It’s true- French tips never go out of style. But they can be a little overdone, and sometimes they only need a little twist to look fresh. This also makes it possible for you to inject color into your nails in very formal and traditional events like school graduations and baptismal celebrations.

4. Pastel French Tips With Flowers

Pretty subtle. That’s how I would describe any design that dresses up a naked nail. Another way to inject color and design to your nails for a reserved event is by adding flowers into the equation! I also recommend this manicure if you change your fashion style often. Keeping an area of the nails naked can make it easier for them to transition harmoniously with any outfit.

5. Pastel Nails And Gold Foil

The best way for gold foil to stand out is to pair them with white and light-colored polish. Gold foil is classy, shiny, and chic – almost as if it is worn as jewelry. Having a gold spark on your nails combined with a subtle pastel color can easily give you a good impression.

6. Polka Dots Pastel Nails

Polka dots are celebratory, festive, and feminine. Adding polka dots to a pastel nail party can easily convert them into a signature for something special, like a birthday or a thanksgiving dinner. You can even wear them as a talisman to give you something to celebrate.

7. Sunflower Pastel

Yellow pastel nails are nice. But yellow pastel nails with sunflowers are even better! There are so many possibilities with white and yellow polish. You can paint your nails with daisies, use them to alternate the colors of the petals, or make an accent nail with flowers.

8. Pastel Abstract Shapes

Fan of abstracts? There’s no way you can go wrong with pastels, especially because they do not give off much visual noise. Don’t be afraid to be creative! Make a brushstroke, an odd shape, and add lines to balance the elements.

9. Pastel Marble Nails

Marble nails may not be new, but they certainly still pass the mark! To do this, you will need two to three polishes and water. The techniques vary, but you’ll see a lot on Pinterest and Instagram! If you want to be sure enough, you can always ask your nail technician to do the work.

10. Pastel Base + Dark Color Tips

You can use any color of two different shades here. My favorite is combining pastel pink with red. It gives off some lovey-dovey valentines vibes! I also love how it compliments masculine-forward fits. Balances off the elements very well!

11. Dripping Pastel Tips

Are French tips too formal and modest for your taste? Make it look like it’s dripping! By doing so, you add character and story to your nails without making them look too bold or flashy at all. Just be reminded that you don’t have to drip them into your polish quite literally.

12. Pastel Pink Flowers On Nude/Naked Nail

One of my favorite designs for attending weddings has anything and everything to do with flowers! Keeping a low profile for the bride doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. With a nude base, add pink flowers with light-shade polish. You can also opt for cherry blossoms if that is more of your taste.

13. Groovy Pastel Design

Groovy, retro, and fun. This design brings back “fashion nostalgia” with the vibes it gives off. Collect colors in the warm spectrum – light orange, pastel pink, and yellow, and match them all to make a nice groovy pattern – perfect for your 70’s fashion fits.

14. Pastel Sunrise/Sunset Design

With the same colors mentioned in the last design, you can make a nice ombre similar to a sunset. If you want something on the cooler side, you can opt for a sunrise ombre with baby blue, pastel violet, and pastel pink.

15. White Hearts On Pastel Pink Base

Want something dainty and simple for Valentine’s day? White hearts keep your nails neutral – enabling you to wear any shade of color as you wish. It is also quite formal, which means you can wear these nails in particularly formal events.

16. Easter Egg Pastel Nails (Crackle effect)

Crackle nails are great “accessories” to add to your outfit for an easter hunt! In fact, it can transform any regular outfit to match this particular occasion. If you wish to wear them on a regular day, feel free to do so! Crackle nails are possible with crackle polish or press-on nails.

17. Pastel Color Block Nails

Color blocking is one of the best ways to showcase pastel colors onto your nails. Rather than a fully abstract concept, color blocking can provide a much cleaner and sleeker output that can easily match with any tailored outfit.

18. Gingham Pastel Nails

Going on a picnic day with friends? Worry no more! Gingham nails are a great way to add a fresh and spring-like aura to your dressy fit. They also look casually chic, which makes them less intimidating than other designs. If you don’t have gingham in your wardrobe, a hint of it on your nails can certainly turn things around.

19. Nail Blush Nails

Believe it or not, “Blushing” nails is an unshakeable trend on Pinterest and Instagram. It does need a little blending skill to be achieved, but it’s so worth it! To make it easier, look for a translucent pink polish and paint the middle of each nail.

20. Rose Quartz Nails

Rose quartz nails are dainty, soft, and magical. They just recently became a trend, when press-on nails received ample attention from witchy boards and communities on social media. Love how real they look!

21. Light Blue Cloud Nails

Want some Studio Ghibli vibes on your nails? A couple of light blue and white polishes can get you a long way. You can even do this at home! I would wear this with an olive green cardigan and a burgundy midi skirt for an all-out Ghibli-vibes.