42+ Amazing Ways To Combine Ankara With Plain Coloured Fabric.

42+ Amazing Ways To Combine Ankara With Plain Coloured Fabric.

Ankara, with its lively patterns and energetic designs, has always been a hallmark of African fashion. But in recent years, a trend of blending Ankara with plain fabrics has risen, bringing together a harmonious marriage of tradition and modernity. The addition of plain coloured fabric to the vivacious Ankara patterns not only provides a balance but also adds sophistication to the ensemble. Here are some of the most amazing ways to combine Ankara with plain coloured fabric:

1. Ankara Bodice with Plain Skirt/Trousers:
Opt for a vibrant Ankara print for the top or bodice and pair it with a plain skirt or trousers. This juxtaposition allows the intricate designs of the Ankara to shine, while the solid base offers a grounded look.

2. Plain Top with Ankara Bottoms:
Choose high-waisted Ankara trousers or a beautifully flared Ankara skirt and pair it with a plain top. It’s a chic and contemporary look, perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

3. Panel Designs:
Incorporate plain fabric panels into Ankara dresses or skirts. This breaks the continuity of the pattern and offers a visually appealing design twist.

4. Ankara Jacket over a Plain Outfit:
An Ankara blazer or jacket thrown over a plain dress or a top-and-trouser combo brings a pop of colour and character to an otherwise simple look.

5. Mixed Sleeves:
Design a dress or top where the body is made of plain fabric but the sleeves are of Ankara print. It provides an edgy contrast and ensures the Ankara print stands out.

6. Ankara Accessories:
Sometimes, less is more. Wear a full plain coloured outfit and accessorize with an Ankara belt, head-wrap, or scarf. This keeps the outfit balanced while letting the accessory be the showstopper.

7. Hemline Highlights:
Consider a plain dress or skirt with just the hem adorned in a strip of Ankara fabric. This subtle addition can totally elevate the entire outfit’s feel.

8. Collar and Cuff Combos:
On a plain shirt or blouse, have the collar and cuffs made of Ankara fabric. This subtle mix can transform regular office wear into a statement outfit.

9. Patchwork Wonders:
Be a little adventurous by adding Ankara patches on plain jeans, jackets, or tops. It adds a bohemian vibe and ensures your outfit is one of a kind.

10. Two-piece Ensemble:
An Ankara crop top paired with high-waist plain pants, or vice versa, makes for an outfit that’s both trendy and balanced.

In Conclusion:
Blending Ankara with plain coloured fabric offers endless possibilities to get creative and make a statement. It’s all about finding the right balance between the vibrant patterns of Ankara and the subtlety of plain fabric. This fusion not only celebrates African culture but also highlights the global trend of combining tradition with modernity. So, get inspired, mix and match, and most importantly, wear your creation with pride!