Smiley Face Nails For A Trendy Manicure 【+47 Great Ideas】💅😍

Smiley Face Nails For A Trendy Manicure 【+47 Great Ideas】💅😍

In many design motifs, smiley faces and similar emoji-style icons have created unique and fun designs. It’s a symbol of happiness and cheerfulness that many of us can use in our lives.

Given the way the world is, any form of positivity is welcome, and one way to exude this is with cute smiley face nail art.

From the classic yellow and black smiley faces to more trippy and psychedelic iterations, the smiley face can become a versatile design. You can use them all year round and in many different instances.

Ready to try some? Here are smiley face nails you can try for your next manicure.

Why Smiley Nail Art Designs?

A smiley face design is not new. The yellow-and-black smiley face with oval eyes that we know of now was created in 1962 by Harvey Ball.

Though that was decades ago, the smiley face has recently grown in popularity. Celebrities like Harry Styles and Gigi Hadid have helped popularize the motif.

However, it’s also partly due to new trends being inspired by Y2K motifs, where smileys were still famous.

While the smiley face design is usually paired with similar Y2K motifs, you may commonly see it with bright neon multicolored nails.

It may also be one of the numerous loud graphic art designs drawn on with thick outlines. However, the smiley can also be a soft and subtle way to add a twist to more subdued nail art.

Short Smiley Face Nails