50 Simple & Elegant Nail Ideas to Express Your Personality

50 Simple & Elegant Nail Ideas to Express Your Personality

Simple has always been in style, even as other fashion trends come and go, in clothes, in hairstyles, and now in nail styles as well. While trendier nail designs can be a lot of fun, the simpler, understated looks are all set to stand up to the test of time, and the woman who rocks these classic, elegant looks will always be in style.

If you are looking for simple yet elegant nail ideas to increase your fashion sense, then one thing that some people neglect is to take care of your nails. Your nails say a lot about your personality. Depending on how your nails are cut people can determine if you work in a specific profession. If you work on putting together the absolute perfect outfit for a night out leaving your nails dull and unpainted can throw the entire ensemble off. Merely lathering your nails in a beautiful tone of lacquer will add to the look that you are attempting. Elegant nail ideas aren’t hard to come up with either.

People also use their nails as an individual way of expressing themselves. Different cultures have different looks that they try to achieve using their fingernails. The Frech love an elegant look that is feminine while the Japanese youth tends to lean toward adorning their nails with different types of accessories, crystals, and even noisemakers. The fun thing about your nails is you get to decide how you want to express yourself and it is so easy to achieve. There are countless ways to make them look functional but also elegant. The nails on this list are all clean, classy, and creative, just waiting for you to give them that last twist to make each style into a work of wearable art that’s completely your own! Keep reading on to see 50 fashionable but simple and elegant nail ideas.