59 Photos: Styling Black Box Braids: Tips and Ideas

59 Photos: Styling Black Box Braids: Tips and Ideas

Box braids are an iconic hairstyle, especially within the black community. They’re not just a style statement but also serve as a protective hairstyle for natural hair. Once you’ve got your beautiful black box braids, the fun really begins! With their versatility, you can style them in a myriad of ways. Here are some tips and ideas to rock those braids:

1. Half Up, Half Down Bun:

Gather the top half of your braids into a bun while letting the other half flow freely down your back. This gives a youthful yet sophisticated look.

2. Low Side Ponytail:

Sweep your braids to one side and secure them at the nape with a hair tie or a colorful scarf. It’s simple yet elegant, perfect for any occasion.

3. High Topknot Bun:

Gather all your braids and twist them into a bun at the top of your head. This style is both trendy and perfect for keeping your hair out of your face on a hot day.

4. Space Buns:

Divide your braids into two sections. Twist and coil each section into buns on either side of your head. This 90s-inspired look is both cute and edgy.

5. Box Braid Bob:

If you’ve opted for medium-length braids, style them into a bob. You can curl the ends or add beads for extra flair.

6. Braided Crown:

Take braids from each side of your head and cross them over to the opposite side, pinning them in place. This creates a halo or crown effect, perfect for a romantic look.

7. Add Accessories:

Incorporate hair rings, shells, beads, or colored threads into your braids. They can be scattered throughout or focused on specific sections for a concentrated pop.

8. Side Swept Style:

Sweep all your braids over one shoulder. This is a relaxed look that showcases the length and beauty of your braids.

9. Layered Updo:

For a formal occasion, try stacking your braids in layered buns at the back of your head. It’s a style that’s both intricate and elegant.

10. Loose Waves:

Dip the ends of your braids in hot water (with caution!) to give them a subtle wavy look. Make sure to towel dry and moisturize afterwards.

Tips for Maintaining Box Braids:

  • Moisturize Regularly: Use a light spray or oil to keep your scalp hydrated.
  • Night Protection: Wear a silk or satin scarf or bonnet at night to reduce frizz and maintain the neatness of your braids.
  • Avoid Excessive Updos: Constantly pulling your braids into tight updos can stress your edges. Opt for looser styles now and then.
  • Wash Carefully: If you need to wash your braids, use a diluted shampoo or a nozzle bottle to target your scalp without creating frizz.

With these styling ideas and maintenance tips, your black box braids can remain a beautiful and versatile part of your look for weeks to come. Whether you’re headed to a formal event or just out for a casual day, there’s a braided style perfect for the occasion. Happy styling!