61 Cute Lavender Nail Designs To Try Out This Spring!

61 Cute Lavender Nail Designs To Try Out This Spring!

Are you looking for some gorgeous lavender nail designs to try out this season!?  If so, you’ve come to the right post!

Purple is such a popular color and comes in a variety of different shades.  I always look forward to painting my nails a lighter hue once the weather starts to FINALLY get warmer out.  Trust me, living in Canada, once the snow melts, it’s time to break out all the pastels and light shades!   That’s why today I wanted to showcase lavender/ lilac nails, and all the fun designs you can try out this season!

Lavender has been incredibly popular during the spring season for years.  There are so many different designs and shades out there to try out from a more lilac color to a deeper lavender color.

This collection of 50+ lavender nail designs includes a wide variety of ideas that will help you stand out for months!  Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more complex, we have you covered!  Want french tips?  Or how about long coffin nails?  We have all of that and everything in between!