Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles: A Guide to Fashionable African Attire

Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles: A Guide to Fashionable African Attire

The vibrant and dynamic Ankara fabric has firmly established its place not just in African fashion, but in the global style scene as well. Historically rich and incredibly versatile, Ankara is celebrated for its intricate patterns, bold colors, and its ability to be styled in countless ways. One of the timeless and evergreen ways to wear Ankara is in the form of skirts and blouses. Let’s delve into some of the trendy Ankara skirt and blouse styles:

1. Classic Pencil Skirt and Peplum Blouse: The fitted pencil skirt paired with a peplum blouse accentuates the feminine silhouette. The peplum adds drama and flair, making it perfect for occasions like weddings or formal events.

2. High-waisted Full Skirts with Fitted Blouses: This combination is reminiscent of the vintage ’50s look. The voluminous skirt, paired with a tucked-in blouse, creates a balanced and elegant outfit.

3. Crop Top and A-line Skirt: A playful crop top paired with an A-line Ankara skirt is youthful and vibrant. This ensemble is ideal for casual outings or summer brunches.

4. Asymmetric Skirts with Off-Shoulder Blouses: The uneven hem of an asymmetric skirt combined with the allure of an off-shoulder blouse makes for a trendy, modern look that stands out.

5. Wrap Skirts with Button-down Blouses: Wrap skirts are both comfortable and stylish. Paired with a button-down Ankara blouse, this combo strikes the right balance between casual and chic.

6. Layered Maxi Skirts with Halter-neck Blouses: Maxi skirts, with their flowy layers, create a regal look. When complemented with a halter-neck blouse, the result is both stylish and graceful.

Styling Tips:

  1. Matching vs. Contrasting: While some prefer the symmetry of matching Ankara patterns for both blouse and skirt, contrasting patterns can create a unique and captivating look. If you’re opting for contrasting patterns, ensure there’s a color or theme continuity to bring the look together.
  2. Accessories: Bold Ankara prints can be further elevated with the right accessories. Think statement necklaces, chunky bangles, or even a vibrant Ankara head wrap.
  3. Footwear: Neutral-colored heels or wedges usually work well with most Ankara outfits. However, for a more audacious look, shoes in a color picked from the Ankara print can be stunning.
  4. Simplicity in Makeup: Given the boldness of Ankara prints, a subtle makeup palette can beautifully offset the ensemble. However, a bold lip color, complementing the attire, can be the cherry on top.
  5. Bags: Structured handbags or clutch bags in solid colors often complement Ankara outfits well. They add a modern touch to the traditional prints.


Ankara skirt and blouse styles have transcended generations and continue to evolve, blending traditional patterns with contemporary designs. The key to rocking this attire is confidence and the joy of wearing something that holds deep cultural significance while being a fashionable statement. So, embrace the beauty of Ankara and let it reflect your individuality and style!