Chic and Elegant Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles for a Trendy Look

Chic and Elegant Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles for a Trendy Look

Ankara skirt and blouse styles are a staple in many African wardrobes due to their versatility, vibrant patterns, and the ability to be styled for both casual and formal occasions. Here are some popular and fashionable Ankara skirt and blouse styles that can help you make a stylish statement:

1. Peplum Blouse with Pencil Skirt

  • Style: A fitted blouse with a flared peplum waist paired with a sleek pencil skirt.
  • Ideal For: Office wear, business meetings, church services.
  • Fashion Tip: Pair with high heels and minimal jewelry for an elegant look.

2. High-Waisted Flared Skirt with Fitted Blouse

  • Style: A high-waisted, knee-length or midi flared skirt paired with a fitted blouse.
  • Ideal For: Social gatherings, brunch, or daytime events.
  • Fashion Tip: Accessorize with statement earrings and a clutch bag.

3. Mermaid Skirt with Off-Shoulder Blouse

  • Style: A figure-hugging mermaid skirt combined with a trendy off-shoulder blouse.
  • Ideal For: Weddings, cocktail parties, and evening events.
  • Fashion Tip: Complete the look with strappy heels and bold makeup.

4. Wrap Skirt with Asymmetric Blouse

  • Style: An Ankara wrap skirt paired with an asymmetric or avant-garde style blouse.
  • Ideal For: Artistic or fashion-forward events, gallery openings.
  • Fashion Tip: Opt for sleek footwear and a modern handbag.

5. Maxi Skirt with Crop Top

  • Style: A full-length Ankara maxi skirt paired with a matching or contrasting crop top.
  • Ideal For: Casual outings, beach parties, or relaxed gatherings.
  • Fashion Tip: Sandals or flats and a wide-brim hat can complete this breezy look.

6. Layered or Tiered Skirt with Simple Blouse

  • Style: A multi-layered or tiered Ankara skirt with a simple, chic blouse.
  • Ideal For: Festivals, outdoor events, or weekend outings.
  • Fashion Tip: Keep accessories to a minimum to let the skirt stand out.

7. Straight Skirt with Ruffle Blouse

  • Style: A straight-cut Ankara skirt paired with a blouse featuring ruffles or dramatic sleeves.
  • Ideal For: Dinner dates, evening events, or special occasions.
  • Fashion Tip: Heeled pumps and a statement clutch will enhance this look.

8. A-Line Skirt with Bell-Sleeve Blouse

  • Style: A classic A-line Ankara skirt matched with a bell-sleeve blouse.
  • Ideal For: Church, conferences, or professional settings.
  • Fashion Tip: Opt for modest accessories and comfortable heels.

9. Button-Down Skirt with Collared Blouse

  • Style: A button-down skirt in Ankara fabric paired with a formal collared blouse.
  • Ideal For: Work, business casual events, or meetings.
  • Fashion Tip: Pair with loafers or ballet flats for comfort and style.

10. Mix and Match Patterns

  • Style: Combining different Ankara patterns for the skirt and blouse for a bold, eclectic look.
  • Ideal For: Creative spaces, casual meet-ups, or when you want to make a fashion statement.
  • Fashion Tip: Balance the outfit with neutral-colored shoes and accessories.


Ankara skirt and blouse styles offer endless possibilities for expressing personal style and embracing African fashion. Whether you prefer bold and dramatic or simple and elegant, there’s an Ankara style for every preference and occasion. The key is to wear these outfits with confidence and grace, embracing the rich colors and patterns that make Ankara so distinctive and beloved.