Grey Nails: The Latest Trend You Do Not Want To Miss

Grey Nails: The Latest Trend You Do Not Want To Miss

Grey nails are basically new nude. They are still versatile and suitable for any ambiance but with an unusual twist thanks to the unconventional color. If you think that you are going to be limited in choice, we are here to prove you wrong. There are much more shades of gray than fifty. Plus, you can always adorn your mani with an elaborate nail design or use one of the popular nail techniques. And the coolest part is that you do not have to browse the internet in search of ideas, as we gathered the best of them here.

With matte grey nails, your manicure will look chic and luxurious. If you are worried that it is going to come out dull or plain, no need to. On the contrary, a velvety finish gives your nails a suede feel. As such, your mani does not require extra emphasis, as it is already pretty bold. However, if you decide to add some accents, it will not hurt either. After all, there is no limit to perfection and grey matte nails are no exception.

It is always a good idea to beautify grey nails with glitter. As gray is a quite reserved color, a sprinkle of glitter will not make your manicure appear too flashy. And do not be afraid to throw some color into it. Gray creates a gorgeous combo with almost any nail shade and makes up a perfect canvas for Disney nails. The same applies to glitter. Its size, shape and color are up to you, as it is sure to turn out stunning on gray nails anyway.

FAQ: Grey Nails
What colour goes with GREY nails?
White attire, such as a suit or a dress, pair nicely with grey nails. Other amazing summer colors that go well with gray include yellow, green, pink, red and orange.

Do grey nails look good?
Not only do grey nails look amazing but they are also a classic that is out of time. So, by opting for them, you are sure to get a manicure that is appropriate for any occasion and season. Yet, during summer and spring, you may want to rock light gray shades, while dark gray nails are more suitable when it is cooler outside.