Manicures that will make you look elegant and sophisticated on your wedding day

Manicures that will make you look elegant and sophisticated on your wedding day

Surely with this post you will have inspiration for the ideal manicure that you will use on the wonderful day of your wedding. The nail color can be dark, neutral or combined with a design. Everything will depend on your style and the way you want your guests to remember you for that day. That if the most important thing is that you are faithful to what you are no matter what others are going to see, remember that it is your day and no one else’s.

The manicure for a wedding can be based on factors such as the length of the nail, the etiquette of the celebration and the tone of the dress you chose for that moment, however they are not a straitjacket, it is not that you are forced to use those tones or specific designs. What can help you define how you want to wear them is knowing what the trend is, the combination of colors that make a perfect match and the tones that go well for day or night.

Soft, pastel or neutral tones are ideal for all types of dresses. For their part, the metallic and shiny ones will fit well with simpler outfits. The dark ones are also alternatives to black, and from another perspective, white becomes a versatile option. Pay attention to these manicure ideas for a wedding guest.

Pastel tones will always be a good option, they will make your skin look healthy and your nails will look youthful and fashionable. The important thing about the style or design you choose is that you can be true to yourself and to the theme of your wedding if you have one.


A clear example is the French manicure, a classic that never goes out of style. She always looks good with both elegant and casual dresses and in different shades. While this technique can be done in traditional white, the crescent can also be designed with a shimmery glaze for a modern twist. Of course, remember that you can modify it until it is as you wish.


Among the manicure options for the wedding is to wear nails with designs or discreet nail art. This type is ideal for a casual dress or a set of pants and shirt if it is a civil wedding. The combination of white and nude is perfect if you do not want to draw too much attention.



Hand in hand with the idea of ​​decorated and discreet nails, another alternative can be the combination of metallic tones such as gold leaf or gold foil and neutral colors such as beige, opaque nude, peach or pale blue. Ideal for weddings celebrated at noon or in the afternoon.

If the wedding has a less formal dress code then you will have license to wear a nail color for a wedding that goes according to the type of celebration. For example, if it is a beach wedding, the options range from shades such as fuchsia, light blue, lilacs and yellows, always in very subtle pastel tones. We don’t want the nails to shine more than the dress.


White nails are the trend that may last forever, due to its versatility or the infinite ways to combine them. For example: they can be minimalist, have a marble effect or also baby boomer. White will always be your ally if you don’t want to lead with too much stress, beyond the wedding preparations.


Finally, if you like less traditional things and for some reason the color of your dress is not the traditional white, remember that you can opt for dark and elegant tones such as coffee, gray or maroon. Likewise, you can wear shades such as nude, terracotta, champagne, metallic or dark green. The objective of this type of design is that you can find something that fits your style as much as possible. Remember that in the long run it is your wedding and the only opinion that matters is yours, the goal is that when you see the photos of this wonderful day you remember that everything was just as you wished.