The Particular Summer Nail Models Inspired By The Fashion Catwalks!

The Particular Summer Nail Models Inspired By The Fashion Catwalks!

Whether you’re busy creating moodboards on the first day of the year or relying more on an “it’s already written in the stars” perspective, there are plenty of nail art ideas to inspire new beauty looks in 2022. It’s easy to fall down the hole. of the nail art bunny as you browse ideas on Instagram, and no, there’s no guarantee you won’t be stumped yet when you get to the beauty salon. We offer you many ideas for special summer nails.

ballerina nails with glitter

This season, get ready to spice things up because a lot of the fashion shows haven’t stuck to the “traditional” summer nail trends. Think rhinestone accents, metallic French manicure, and black pointy nails – don’t worry, there were plenty of flowers too. So if you want to try something new or stick with pastel polishes and floral prints, check out this roundup of particular summer nail trends because there’s something for everyone.

Nail trends summer 2022

manucure nail art channel

the spring / summer 2022 catwalks and street style have encouraged the idea that style is about to become more “creative” and “authentic” than ever, and that includes nails. We couldn’t be more thrilled that maximalist style continues its reign from 2021 until the new year, so if you feel you’ve missed out on some of the fun style trends of 2021, you’ll want to start getting comfortable with the bold. and the brilliant, starting with the nails.

From funky accents to colorful French tips, nail artists are changing the way we think about the basic trends of years past and giving us so many ideas on how to incorporate the styles we see on the runways on our nail beds. That said, let’s take a look at the nail art trends everyone will be asking for in 2022. Get ready to make an appointment at your favorite beauty salon!

Summer nail decorations with drawings

colorful summer nails

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to add summer touches to your life until that time of year finally comes. We recommend adding some pretty daisy accents to a simple nail polish to add a pop of light and color to your nails during the months leading up to summer.

Summer manicure with flowers

velvet purple nail polish summer colors

If these gorgeous but simple floral touches in the show don’t make you want spring, then we don’t know what will. This nail art trend was super popular in spring 2021, let’s be honest: do flowers really ever go out of style? We don’t think so either.

Particular French manicure

French colored manicure special summer nails

French manicure doesn’t have to be just a light pink nail with white tips. There are so many ways to get creative with these classic hands, like adding a colorful tip. For its spring / summer 2022 collection, Collina Strada showed its models on the catwalk with metallic pink tips to complement its bold and dazzling models.

There are other ways you can evolve a French manicure, such as flipping the line that typically crosses the tip of the nail by 90 degrees and adding a fun color. The models from the Peter Do spring-summer 2022 show rocked this trend with black nail polish for a classic yet innovative look that “will never go out of style”.

If you don’t hear any of these new interpretations of French manicure, go for the traditional style! It is timeless and goes with any outfit. You can’t really go wrong.

Neutral summer colors for manicure

classic french manicure short gel nails

Neutral colors are another timeless nail option that will always contribute to an elegant and classic look. The models from Ulla Johnson’s Spring / Summer 2022 show all wore nude nail polish to complete their look. Other designers like Jason Wu have kept their nails to their natural patterns while trying to keep the focus on his flower-inspired patterns. In other words, there’s no need to take off a fab dress with super strong nail polish, so keep it simple and go for neutral tones.

Special trend accents in 2022

nail trends summer 2022 neutral nail polish

While celebrities and influencers have made pearls the It accessory of 2021, expect to see this gem incorporated into nail art in 2022. Although pearls were already in fashion for a few months before 2021, they became especially popular following the presidential inauguration. in which Vice President Kamala Harris, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, Jennifer Lopez and poet Amanda Gorman were all spotted wearing pearl accessories. This style will only continue to get bigger in 2022, so try some fun pearl nail art next time you get your nails done!

If you are looking for something delicate and elegant for your particular summer nails, try to add pearl decorations to the outline of the nail to enhance any outfit. Or follow the nail art inspiration and paint your nails with milky white nail polish. Then stick a few beads to the bottom of the nail bed outlining the cuticle.

Black and white nails

short nails gel polish pink and black

While black nail polish may seem like the most boring and obvious trend of all time, hear us out. There are so many ways you can get creative with black nail polish, be it by adding designs like simple black hearts to a nude nail polish, trying out metallic lava tips, or even incorporating tiny black pearls for an elegant look (via Bustle). Black painted nails alone can make a statement, so if you’re not ready to go crazy with embellishments and accents, just do a solid layer of black nail polish and you’ll still look chic.

The combination of black and white is a classic. With these two shades you can create tons of designs and designs with which to look original. The matte or glossy effect perfectly matches the 2022 summer nail trends.

Enamel colors

neutral color nail polish colored summer nails

Bright colors will continue to be trendy in 2022, so don’t be afraid to go for bold shades when it comes to choosing nail polish. Bright pinks and blues inspired by the fun and flirtatious Alice + Olivia spring / summer 2022 collection, where all the models were sent to the catwalk with fun pastel nails.

If that’s not enough to convince you, pastel colors can actually make you feel more relaxed, and don’t we all want to feel that way at the start of the new year? Soft fabrics, soft silhouettes and soft pastel colors, psychologically. That said, these colors also “look gentle and soothing” which draws our attention to them. So bring some peace to someone’s life with relaxing and fun pastel nails!

black and white nails

special summer nails

special summer nails of purple color

short gel nails with designs of hearts

summer almond nails

green velvet enamel colors enamel summer 2022

silver nail polish trends summer 2022

manicure with red polka dot nail polish

red nail decorations

red nail decorations with heart design

red nail decorations with diamonds

enamel colors summer 2022

summer nail colors

summer colors nails decorated with glitter